Entreprises and the festival

Solutions for every business


Private sector has always been part of the success of the festival. 

To meet the increasing demand of the private sector, the options have become more structured over the years. In this regard, a diverse range of menus is offered every year to respond to companies’ expectations and ensure a quality welcome. 
Therefore, companies have the possibility to organize public relations at Jardins du Jazz, Jazz en Vignes and at Club Jazz Entreprises. Différents formulas of partnership and patronage allow the association of any type of company to the festival.

The Jazz à Vienne Festival brings together over 60 public and private partners.
Major all-round economic impact:
• 17 M € total economic impact generated by the EPIC (state-funded industrial & commercial establishment) and audience expenditure
• 15 M € economic impact for 1€ of grant paid
• 66% all-round economic impact benefitting the local area
(Source: Nova Consulting survey – 2014)

Thank you for your support!


Dominique Abadie
Relations entreprises et partenariats
Tél. 04 74 78 87 85
Chloé Cibert
Relations commerciales
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