The collaboration between Jazz à Vienne and Nuits sonores finally materializes in 2017. Convinced of their philosophical and aesthetical complementarity, and beyond territorial bonds, this ambitious project of transverse cooperation aims to overthrow the habits of the respective audiences of the two festivals in order to break the codes to bring people together and create diversity, ideas the two neighbours are very attached to. Together, Nuits Sonores and Jazz à Vienne invite the public to discover the universe of a prestigious artist in the ideal setting that is the Roman Theatre of Vienne, for an exceptionally great event.

Cris Sonores project…

Since 2015, Arty Farty leave its day line-up, NS Days, between the hands of flagship artists from the electronic cultures. Following on the tradition of the NS Days, this project Cris Sonores ... is thought as a tribute to Nicolas Jaar ‘s work. The artist will have a real personal work and will take up the challenge of displaying his influences, his history, as much as his contemporary vision of music.

Cris Sonores curated by Nicolas Jaar will take place in Vienne on a night format, from 18:00 to 01:30, sublimated by the indescribable atmosphere of the Roman Theatre, a stone colossus with 2,000 years of history.

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18 :00-19 :00 : NICOLAS JAAR

(Other People / New York / United States) Ambient dj set

Few are those who, at age 27, can boast of having a CV that thick and having developed a level of perfection in composition and production that compares with Nicolas Jaar’s. New Yorker with Chilean origins, born of a father (Afredo Jaar) Guggenheim approuved and of a French mother, Nicolas has all grown-up since the publication of his first EP "The Student" in 2008.

When the media announced it as The Next Big Thing in 2011, after the release of its excellent first album Space Is Only Noise, one can only be curious to discover this timeless UFO.

Throughout his young career, he made a point to establish, at each of his exits, the legitimacy of his precocious maturity. Leonard Cohen, Aphex Twin, and Dave Brubeck are some of his first influences, extending to a musical spectrum that crosses jazz and soul to find a place in the heart of a stellar house music.

A handful of EP later, a trip to the Darkside project, alongside Dave Harrington, is real success both artistic and media, a soundtrack for the film Dheepan (rewarded at the Cannes festival in 2015) by Jacques Audiard and Remixes for Brian Eno, Florence and the Machine and Missy Elliott. The one for whom music is "sacred" returned in 2016 with a second album, "Sirens", a masterly contemporary work made of songs of birds, latin sounds, the whole wrapped in a perfectly controlled distortion, punctuated by arrhythmic percussions.

19: 00-19: 45: PAN DAIJING

(PAN / Berlin - Allemagne) Live

Chinese producer and live performer based in Berlin, Pan Daijing delivers music based on improvisation and on her personal experiences. From her childhood in a conservative Chinese family to her architectural and physical explorations, one finds in her productions a brutality of a rare fragility losing itself in the dark cinematographic atmospheres.

After a first EP released on Noisekölln Tapes in 2016, Pan Daijing just made her debut with Bedouin Records, label on which she released her EP "A Satin Sight", featuring her most dancing titles to date.

20:45-21:30: HELADO NEGRO

(Asthmatic Kitty / New York - United States) Live

Roberto Carlos Lange, son of Ecuadorian immigrant, was born and raised in the humidity and tropical heat of southern Florida, where Hispanic and North American manners meet in a shock of melting pot. In Brooklyn, he sings, under the name Helado Negro, his latin roots, in English, in Spanish, using his music to eradicate geographical and linguistic barriers.

In 2016, the ninth album of Helado Negro was released with the excellent label Asthmatic Kitty, founded by Sufjan Stevens. With "Private Energy", inspired by the Michael Brown case that shook the United States in 2014, the artist invites us to reflect on the questions of identity and moral principle, on an airy and emotive electronic pop background, scoring at the same time a beautiful 8.1 by Pitchfork. Well deserved.


(Young Turks Recordings Ltd / Berlin - Germany) Live

Finnish duo based in Berlin, Amnesia Scanner is a master in the art of blur. Very little information filters on this "group" which describes itself as "Xperienz Designers". Their productions, between noise, experimental techno and bass music, are brutal and futuristic, as their imagery evolves between ghostly videos, cranial tattoos and molecular biohacking.

19:45-20:45: BILL KOULIGAS

(PAN / Berlin - Germany) Dj set

Bill Kouligas was a member of the group Noise Family Battle Snake before founding Pan, a multidisciplinary and forward-thinking label whose impeccable artworks are recognized between all.

He freely describes himself as a curator who brings together artists from Keith Fullerton Whitman to Lee Gamble and who produces music bordering noise and electronica.

His latest performances explore the relationship between genres, technology and electronic music.

23:10-00:00: HVAD

(Syg Nok / Copenhagen - Denmark) Hybrid set

His real name is Hari Shankar Kishore, HVAD (translation of "What?" In Danish) defies Danish culture since the 2000s. Used to destabilize his audience by playing with codes (he played in police uniform and usurped Trentemøller's identity among others), his unclassifiable music is an abrasive mix of grime, Indian percussion, punjabi breakcore, and of all kinds of metal sounds.

21:30-22:30: SHOW ME THE BODY

(Letter Racer / New York - United States) Live

New Yorkers Julian Cashwan Pratt, 22, Harlan Steed, 21, and Noah Cohen-Corbett, 20, formed the trio of Show Me The Body in 2012. Hip-hop and hardcore lovers, they offer music that sometimes provokes euphoria, sometimes stupor. Two EPs were enough for SMTB members to make a name for themselves in the underground scene. The group defends the importance of establishing a link between the city where one lives and what is created there, a great bargain for those twenty-year-olds who all come from the effervescent Big Apple. From the city in perpetual change, Show Me The Body draws the chaotic material necessary for their music with crossing punk, hardcore and hip-hop ... The electric guitar thrown away, the three boys from Queens run from the clichés and do punk with the banjo and fight during their concerts.


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