Substainable Development

Substainable Development


The festival has been striving to reduce its impact on the environment for years. In keeping with projects from previous years, the festival is providing festivalgoers and teams with a range of ways to help protect the environment and make the event even more responsible.


The Jazz à Vienne festival has lots of ways to get to the Roman Theatre. The train, shuttle buses and car-pooling are just some of the solutions that Jazz à Vienne is promoting to its festivalgoers given that it’s difficult to get into Vienne during the fortnight-long festival.

Waste sorting & management

In partnership with the ViennAgglo environmental department, the festival is building awareness campaigns among festivalgoers, service providers and teams to help sort waste. There will be 30 waste selection points all over the festival.

New Reusable cups at the Roman Theatre

Reusable cups have been available at the Cybèle stages for years and are coming to the Roman Theatre this summer. That means a saving of over 90,000 plastic cups this year.

Teamwork:  Over 180 volunteers

The Jazz à Vienne festival started out as a team of volunteers.
Professionals came on board over the years but the festival has always wanted to continue its journey with volunteers meaning that teams of employees and volunteers work together for the fortnight. This blend encourages communication and intergenerational connection. Over 180 volunteers help keep Jazz à Vienne a local festival that’s rooted in its area.