Take the TER !

Jazz à Vienne in 17 minutes from Lyon with the TER Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes train!

A special train takes you back to Lyon after the concerts every night

TER Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Jazz à Vienne are delighted to give you half price train tickets (7.20€ Lyon/Vienne return) and extra post-concert trains so audiences can get back to Lyon with ease.

Exclusively available on the SNCF TER Auvergne-Rhnes-Alpes website.

NEW FOR 2017: Sold out

Grab your discounted Train + Concert deal and experience Jazz à Vienne in all its glory from June 29th-July 13th with prices from 40.20€.

You can also get half price train tickets and discounted concert tickets.


Why not car pool or car-share to get to the festival. This year Jazz à Vienne has joined forces with the Regional Centre and ViennAgglo to provide free parking spaces to festivalgoers who decide to car pool or car-share. Free car park entry for 4 people upon presentation of one ticket per person for the evening and for car-sharing users (Citellib, Citiz, Bluely etc.)

Car parks

Traffic is restricted during the festival so the following car parks are open: Train Station, St-Marcel, Old Town, Saint-Romain-en-Gal (on the other side of the Rhône approx. 15 minutes from the Roman Theatre on foot).

You can book your parking space now at the Effia Gare SNCF car park, a 5 minute walk from the Roman Theatre!

Book your parking space now on the Resaplace online booking site and secure your space at the Effia car park, just 5 minutes from Vienne’s Roman Theatre.

For further information

L’va free shuttle bus

June 29th-July 13th (exc. July 2nd). L’va public transport network will take you from the Intermarché Malissol car park (east of town) to the Roman Theatre for free. Panels bearing the Jazz à Vienne 2017 logo and shuttle bus timetables can be found throughout the L’va network (Malissol industrial area near the Intermarché Malissol car park - Les Célestes near the Roman Theatre) to make it easier for festivalgoers to get around.



Intermarché Malissol car park (Malissol industrial area stop) > Roman Theatre (Les Célestes stop). Non-stop service to the Roman Theatre.

Every day (exc. July 2nd): 6.15pm-8.30pm every 15 minutes.


Roman Theatre (Les Célestes stop) > Intermarché Malissol car park (Malissol industrial area stop)

  • June 29th-July 12th (exc. July 2nd): for an hour after the end of the show at the Roman Theatre
  • July 13th - All Night Jazz: 2am-3am only

For further information, please contact the Transport Centre on (00 33) (0)4 74 85 18 51 – Place Pierre Semard in Vienne; or visit the website