Richard BONA: 2017 Young Audience Concert



Jazz à Vienne has kicked off the festival with a show for local children for the last 11 years. 6000 primary school children are flocking to the Roman Theatre for an exciting musical experience which, this year, is brought to us by Richard Bona.

The concert introduces jazz from an early age and gives artists the chance to stage an interactive, fun-filled show. The idea is to share knowledge and a musical journey whilst promoting cultural heritage in a social atmosphere. The core values of this original and ambitious project for children are to teach, share, convey, understand, relate and gain awareness.

The French manager of a club in Douala introduced Richard Bona to jazz in 1980. “That’s how I came to Jaco Pastorius’ first album. I’d never thought of playing bass before Jaco!”
At the age of 22 the musician moved to Paris where he grabbed attention performing with Didier Lockwood, Marc Fosset, André Ceccarelli, Manu Dibango, Salif Keita and Joe Zawinul. The multi-instrumentalist has Pastorius’ flair on the bass, the late Al Jarreau’s smooth vocals and the melodic understanding of Joao Gilberto all filtered through his African heritage. He’s an all-round artist and cool melody-maker who recorded the first of his 7 albums to date (Scenes From My Life, 1999) in the late 90s in America (Bona lives in New York). His second album Reverence cemented his place as an amazing singer. His latest album is entitled Heritage (2016). Richard Bona tells beautiful stories with his silky voice and seamlessly blends jazz, traditional Bantu songs, Brazilian bossa, Western pop, Indian raga and funk. He gives contemporary African music a universal spin.

Show designed by Jazz à Vienne.

Co-production: Vienne Council with the support of Club Jazz Entreprises and Inspection Académique.

RéZZo FOCAL Jazz à Vienne


National Jazz Contest

For the 13th contest of its kind, Jazz à Vienne is delving deeper into France’s up-and-coming jazz scene to support and showcase the new generation.

Jazz à Vienne launched RéZZo FOCAL Jazz à Vienne as part of its drive to put the spotlight on new jazz talents. The national contest is a real opportunity for shortlisted groups to perform in professional stage conditions in front of a large and keen audience. RéZZo FOCAL Jazz à Vienne enables the winner to record an album with a renowned label (Naim Records) and get marketing, artistic and promotional support for a year. French jazz figures and our partners (clubs, festivals, associations etc.) take part in bringing the area’s new jazz scene to the fore. FOCAL, premium speaker manufacturer, gives the winning group recording time in the studio. Max Pinto 4tet, Jérémy Ternoy trio, Paradox, Oxyd, Céline Bonacina trio, Sidony Box, Trio Enchant(i)er, Impérial Quartet, Water Babies, Uptake, nOx.3 and Amaury Faye trio have won since 2004.


  1. Hard Swing Mango: Nouvelle-Aquitaine Cristal Production
  2. Endless: Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Jazz in Marciac
  3. Joran Cariou Trio: Île-de-France Jazz Magazine
  4. Julien Marga Quartet: Île-de-France Sunset - Sunside
  5. Tie-Break: PACA Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents
  6. Daïda: Normandie Jazz sous les pommiers
  7. Six-Ring Circus: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Jazz(s)RA
  8. Gauthier Toux Trio: Centre-Val-de-Loire Ô Jazz !
  9. Agata: Bretagne Jazz en Ville



Jazz à Vienne and its partners provide support to help the group go pro. Prizes for the winning group include:

  1.  A year’s worth of artistic support (starting when they win)
  2.  Recording an album (recording, mixing and mastering)
  3. Signing an album to a famous label
  4. An album launch concert at a Paris club
  5. Performances at several venues and festivals* (festival Mantes Lalala, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Le festival Tropisme, A Vaulx Jazz, Chorus Jazz Club, Cosmo Jazz Festival...) and the Roman Theatre at the 2018 Jazz à Vienne
  6. Awarding the group “2017 RéZZo FOCAL Jazz à Vienne Winner”.


* To be confirmed


  1. Laurent Courthaliac (president of the jury): Musician (France)
  2. Ashley Kahn: Journalist, lecturer and author (USA)
  3. Gérard Chrétien: Former Focal Ambassador (France)



  1. Grand-Est: Nancy Jazz Pulsations
  2. Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Cristal Production
  3. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: Jazz(s)RA
  4. Burgundy Franche-Comté: Crescent Jazz Club
  5. Brittany: Jazz à Vannes
  6. Centre – Loire Valley: Orléans Jazz
  7. Corsica: Jazz in Aiacciu
  8. Île-de-France: Jazz Magazine & le Sunset- Sunside
  9. Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée: Jazz in Marciac
  10. Haut-de-France: Jazz en Nord
  11. Normandy: Jazz sous les pommiers
  12. Loire Region: Les Rendez-vous de l’Erdre
  13. PACA: Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents

Supported by Focal, Naim Records and Sacem


The Academy


Jazz à Vienne’s educational centre is back this year for its 24th outing with new musical experiences. The Academy brings amateur and professional musicians to explore their passion. Dive into the worlds of gospel, dance and yoga all with a dash of jazz.

On July 11th, 12th and 13th, participants will perform a concert on the Cybèle stage. A workshop to introduce little ones to music is a great way for children to take their first steps in the musical world.


Sabine Kouli is a singer from Togo with a passion for gospel and negro-spiritual music. Accompanied by the pianist Pascal Horecka, Sabine Kouli focuses her workshop on vocal technique, warm-ups, percussion and how the choral sound is interpreted and harmonised in gospel.

This workshop is for singers of all ages who want to broaden their knowledge and singing ability through gospel. Regular singing practice is required.

Workshop hosted by Sabine Kouli (voc) & Pascal Horecka (p)

Price: 90€

  • July 8th-11th: 10am - 12.30pm • 2pm - 5.30pm

Concert:July 12th, 1pm – Cybèle stage



The Introduction to Music Workshop has been a success since 2013 and is back again for its 4th year. Alice Waring and Robin Limoge will pass their knowledge and enthusiasm onto little ones. Children learn about jazz by listening to its rhythms and notes then having a go at playing the instruments.

Workshop hosted by Robin Limoge (voc, cl, b) and Alice Waring (voc, s, cl)

Price: 50€

  • July 8th -10th: 9.30am-11.30am • 1.30pm-3.30pm

Childminding service for enrolled children: 9am-9.30am • 11.30am-12pm • 3.30pm-4pm



The training team has been devoted to this introductory workshop teaching the foundations of jazz since the academy was founded. This workshop is for musicians with at least 4 years’ experience playing an instrument and the ability to read a score.

Workshop hosted by: Rémi Bulot (tp, voc), Ghyslain Regard (f), Carine Bianco (p), Nicolas Bianco (cb)

  • July 8th-11th: 10am-12.30pm

Concert: July 11th, 12.30pm - Cybèle stage



Duke Ellington brought the writing dimension to jazz music. He made a musician into one of the greatest orchestrators of symphony music. He influenced everything from dance music (jungle, swing etc.) to programme music (suites, namely Shakespeare’s sonnets). He has given us classics that have made their mark on the history of jazz (Satin Doll, Caravan, In a sentimental mood…)

Workshop hosted by Rémi Bulot (tp, voc), Ghyslain Regard (f), Carine Bianco (p), Nicolas Bianco (cb)

  • July 8th-11th: 10am - 12.30pm 2pm - 5pm

Concert: July 12th, 12pm - Cybèle stage



Trained at the great Matt Mattox’s school, dancer and choreographer Raza Hammadi has an international career. He has been the Artistic Director of Ballet Jazz Art since 1981 and his creations and collaborations have been all over Europe right up to the East. This legendary artist is here to share his love of jazz and dance with you. Raza Hammadi’s course, assisted by Laureline Andreï, is based on moving every part of your body with constant stamina from the barre to the choreographed performance at the end of the workshop.

This workshop is for dancers aged 15 and over with an intermediate or advanced level with experience in jazz dance.

Workshop hosted by Raza Hammadi, assisted by Laureline Andreï (dance)

Tarif: 90€

  • July 6th-10th: 10am - 12.30pm • 2pm - 5.30pm

Performance: July 11th, 12.30pm - Cybèle stage



Jazz and yoga have much in common and go hand in hand. Every minute of practice is a new experience in which rhythm and tempo take pride of place and blend with the score and improvisation. The session includes exercises suitable for all. It includes a warm-up, fun group exercises, postures, breathing exercises and cool-down all accompanied by a jazz pianist.

Workshop hosted by Daniele Tabak accompanied by a pianist

  • 12-15 y.o.: Wednesday July 11th: 9am - 10.30am • Price: 20€
  • 15-18 y.o.: 10am - 12.30pm / 11am - 12.30pm • Price: 20€
  • Over 18s: 3pm - 5.30pm • Price: 35€



The intensive course delves into jazz to explore Miles Davis’ music and his two legendary quintets. Attendees focus on technical work ranging from vocals, group and solo performances to improvisation.

This workshop is for musicians aged 15-20 who practise intensively and want to be part of a world-renowned music event. Regular music practice is required to be able to address the different types of jazz explored on the course.

Workshop hosted by Alex Terrier (s, dir.), Cédric Hanriot (p) et Karl Jannuska (dms, perc)
Price: 150€

July 6th-12th: 10am - 12.30pm • 2pm - 5.30pm
Concert: July 13th at 12.30pm - Cybèle stage


Jazz à Vienne - 21, rue des Célestes - 38200 Vienne
Courriel : academie(at)
Tél. 04 74 78 87 87 - En partenariat avec le Trente



Street Literature : A feast of literature and music


Authors from all over the world have been coming to feed off the festival’s energy for over 20 years. This year there’s a new team and the 3-day event is taking place in one venue with a concert at the end of every day.



Marie Cosnay, for her work and Editions de l’Ogre

Marie Cosnay is a classical literature professor, ancient text translator and author. She writes for countless reviews and has published twenty-odd books since 2003. Her literary projects are always deeply rooted in the realities of our time and their form, accuracy and demand underline committed political and social thoughts.

Her latest publications:

  • 2015: Cordelia la guerre, éditions de l'Ogre, Sanza lettere, éditions de l'Attente
  • 2016: Vie de HB, Nous, Jours de répit à Baigorri
  • 2017: Aquerò, éditions de l'Ogre



Linda Lê

The Frenchwoman of Vietnamese origin was awarded the 2011 Renaudot award for “A l’enfant que je n’aurais pas”.

“Literature is not made for the acquitted, it is not made for the elected. It’s for people who are victims and sacrificed, the condemned who, like me, are trying to reach safety but are hitting a brick wall.”

Her latest publications:

  • 1993: Calomnies
  • 2002: Autres jeux avec le feu
  • 2009: Au fond de l'inconnu pour trouver du nouveau


6.30pm: CONCERT - Le Fil en duo

LINE-UP: Leïla Martial (voc), Valentin Ceccaldi (vcl)



Hubert Haddad presents the Apulée review

The new annual literature and thought review founded by Hubert Haddad discusses the world in an off-centre, nomadic and investigative way far removed from the strictly French point of view with Africa and the Mediterranean as the first playground. With his considerable back catalogue, Hubert Haddad beautifully makes readers part of his intellectual and artistic subject matter with books like Palestine (Renaudot Poche Prize, Cinq continents de la Francophonie Prize), the two exciting Nouveau Magasin d’Ecriture volumes, the acclaimed Peintre d’éventail (Louis Guilloux Prize, SGDL Grand Prize for the entire work) and Premières neiges sur Pondichéry.


Christine Montalbetti

French literature lecturer , Christine Montalbetti is a French literature lecturer at Paris-VIII University and has written several books: Sa fable achevée, Simon sort dans la bruine, L'origine de l'homme, Western, Expérience de la campagne et Nouvelles sur le sentiment amoureux, Petits déjeuners avec quelques écrivains célèbres, all published by P.O.L. Le cas Jekyll was originally written for the theatre, staged in Amiens in spring 2009 and performed by the Chaillot National Theatre.


Loïs Le Van /Sandrine Marchetti

Les Yeux de Berthe, arrangements based on spoken/sung poems by Philippe Jaccottet.

LINE-UP: Loïs Le Van (voc.) Sandrine Marchetti (p)




Tribute to the poet Paul De Roux

Paul de Roux was part of the current French lyrical poetry scene and passed away in August 2016.

Bringing to life the description of a landscape, a walk by the water, a speck of dust, a bird taking flight…That’s the power of Paul de Roux: at first glance you think it’s easy poetry, for children, insipid and bland but a few lines are enough to bewitch you and suck you into the poem’s musical cortex.


Bernard Chambaz

Bernard Chambaz is a French novelist, historian and poet currently teaching history at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris.

His latest publications:

  • 2015: Vladimir Vladimirovitch, Flammarion
  • 2016: À tombeau ouvert, Stock, 2016
  • 2017: 17, Seuil


6.30pm: CONCERT

Leïla Huissoud L’Ombre, French songs

LINE-UP: Leïla Huissoud (voc, g), Kevin Fauchet (p, g, hca)

Contacts : Lettres sur cour - La Médiathèque du Trente, 30, avenue Général-Leclerc 38200 Vienne - -


Jazz à Vienne hits the silver screen

Documentaries, ciné-concerts and showcases…For its 7th event, CinéClap Vienne in partnership with Cinéma Les Amphis is singing from the same hymn sheet as Jazz à Vienne before and throughout the festival.

Sunday April 23rd, 10.15am


Directed by Etienne Comar.

The gypsy and guitar hero Django Reinhardt was on top of his game during German occupation in 1943. Every night his swing music set Paris alight at Les Folies Bergères whilst his brothers were hunted down and killed in Europe. German propaganda called for him to be sent to Berlin to perform in concert but he smelt danger and escaped to Switzerland with the help of one of his admirers, Louise de Klerk. To make his escape he went to Thonon-les-Bains, on the banks of Lake Geneva, with his pregnant wife Naguine and his mother Negros. But it was harder than expected and Django and his family were thrown back into the war. Despite the turbulent times, he remained an exceptional musician who resisted with his music, humour and his quest for musical perfection...




Documentary by Morgan Neville.

With humour, tenderness and emotion, The Music of Strangers tells the story of exceptional, talented, humble and generous people, musicians from all over the world brought together by Yo-Yo Ma. From Europe’s best concert halls to Jordan’s refugee camps, from the banks of the Bosphorus to the mountains of China, these maestros bring together their art and culture to prove that all you need are simple ideas and strong beliefs to change the world.



Music documentary by Thierry Guedj.

To coincide with the first anniversary of Prince’s death, this documentary gives the floor to fans, musicians and producers who directly or indirectly knew Prince. The aim is to highlight the deep generosity and drive to share that characterised Prince on stage. Matthieu Chedid, Larry Graham, Sandra Nkaka, Antoine de Caunes and many more demonstrate their love for Prince’s music in their most personal and powerful way in a setting that epitomised his time in Paris. The love story between Prince and the French capital lasted over 30 years and no other European city had such a hold on his heart…

Presentation by Fred Goaty, editor-in-chief of Jazz Magazine, Thierry Guedj, Olivier Gal and Jean-Paul Brun


To the beat of jazz

In keeping with Caravan’Jazz concerts, a concert is scheduled with towns and villages in the Vienne Area. During its tour the Caravan’Jazz will stop in towns and villages to bring professionals and fans together and radiate festival spirit. Every night is different with a quality line-up to introduce new talent to audiences.


They’re not from New Orleans but you’d think they were given their music.

The Swinging Dice’s four musicians hail from Beauvais. The group was founded in 2007 and has performed over 200 concerts in France, Belgium, Holland, England and Italy alongside general and specialist clubs and festivals. The Swinging Dice won the Revelation Award at Blues sur Seine in 2013. The first album came out in October 2015 and the next is scheduled for late 2017. The R&B and boogie-woogie-loving quartet sets the stage alight with swing and rock ‘n’ roll. Dive headlong into this musical cocktail.

Pierre Matifat (p, voc), Fabien Lippens (g), Matthieu Duretz (cb) et Dann-Charles Deneux (dms)

7PM START                                                

In collaboration with Vienne’s MJC

Thursday June 29th

Eyzin-Pinet, Place de la Mairie

Friday June 30th

Les Côtes-d’Arey, Place Arelis

Saturday July 1st

Septème, Place Cécillon du Perrier

Wednesday July 5th

Estrablin, Place de la Paix

Thursday July 6th

Chasse-sur-Rhône, Parc du Château

Friday July 7th

Luzinay, Place de la Mairie



Concerts at the Gallo-Roman Museum, Saint-Romain-en-Gal/Vienne

The Gallo-Roman Museum in Saint-Romain-en-Gal/Vienne opens up to Jazz à Vienne for five events to uncover and experience another historical site during the festival.




What Elodie Pasquier conjures up with throbbing eddies and great cascades is a small space where music reveals its intention to break hearts. Alone with clarinets that can only play a note at a time and a sun-kissed breeze...It’s the ebony hiding the forest: the solitary time of a devotee to group experiences (with Bruno Tocanne, OrTie, The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra, Mona and Grolektif) treating our ears to a soaring journey both for a breath of fresh air and a sense of vertigo.

LINE-UP: Elodier Pasquier (cl)




Ueno Park is guitarist Manuel Adnot’s solo project (Sidony Box, April Fishes, Aeris). Ueno Park’s first album, Dix-mille yeux, is a travel journal recorded in a corridor, chapel and studio over a year. A nylon guitar with no amplifiers or effects. It goes back to acoustics and the relationship between body and wood. The music is totally improvised and inspired by the places where it’s performed. It delves into trance, contemporary music and pop. Some of the album is inspired by Conversations with myself by the pianist Bill Evans; an improvised “overdubbing” sequence based on the idea of a guitar being played instantly without listening to the previous or next recording (up to four guitars).

LINE-UP: Manu Adnot (g)




Japanese anime may be little-known and often just seen as TV productions but it is one of the most exciting forms of art at the moment. In Japan, animation isn’t just children’s films. On the contrary, it has a huge audience and is a film genre integral to Japanese culture. Anime appeals to a wide audience. It is popular with children but adults love its productions made especially for them. Japanese brand TRI4TH bring us an original musical production revisiting Japanese anime with a special concert for Jazz à Vienne.

As part of Traits de Jazz and in partnership with the Tokyo Jazz Festival




Yumi are a duo from Lyon who got together 3 years ago. The musicians have different influences and backgrounds but put their creative powers together to launch a project. After several artistic research residencies, they create a rich and vibrant style that takes audiences into a dream world where everyone has their own gateway.

LINE-UP: Antoine Noyer (perc) and Tanguy Gallavardin (p, cl)





Nilamayé is an Afro-Colombian group inspired by music related to sea and river water synonymous with life, joy and togetherness. With the smoothly exuberant vocals, warm tones awash with chonta marimba, deep sounds from the cununos and bombos, glossy guasas and maracas and the rhythmic energy of the alegre tambourine, Nilamayé shares Colombia’s “infectious joy” with audiences. Colombia is coming to Vienne for brunch.

Alternative in the event of rain/Several shaded areas.

Sponsored by Rhône Council.
Musée de Saint-Romain-en-Gal - Vienne RD 502 - 69560 Saint-Romain-en-Gal - Tel: (00 33) (0)4 74 53 74 01 -


Fairs, Lectures, Exhibitions...

Free entry.

10 years of Jazz à Vienne photos

By Jazz-Rhô

The first came out on June 28th 2007 to present the 27th Jazz à Vienne. 10 years later and the webzine has really padded out. There have been over 660 issues, 8000 concert reviews and over 90,000 online photos on A strong team of photographers has been built over the years. Every year fifteen photographers cover Jazz à Vienne for They include hardened professionals and savvy amateurs who share a love for live jazz, who feed off the stage, lights, rain, among fellow photographers, the legendary Roman Theatre, the fabulous Cybèle, Jazz-Mix, Club de Minuit, Caravan’Jazz…This exhibition is a selection from the last 10 years in Vienne …and a ticket for the next decade.
Thursday June 29th – Thursday July 13th: 10am-7pm Preview: Monday July 3rd, 6pm - Vienne Function Hall: Place de Miremont


Jazz Paintings in Vienne

By Lydiane Ferreri

Lydiane Ferreri has been taking her paintbrushes around the festival and making illustrated reports that have been published in Citizen Jazz for the last five years. She draws, improvises and feeds off the music as it plays…Her drawings will be showcased by an ever-changing exhibition staging the latest experiences to be captured at the festival as the days go on.
Thursday June 29th-Thursday July 13th Meet the artist every Thursday, 5pm-6pm - Vienne Theatre, 4 rue Chantelouve

Jazz Drawings

By Philippe Hervier

June 23rd-July 16th Exhibition Preview: Friday June 23rd at 7pm
Artist in attendance: June 23rd (3.30pm – 7.30pm) June 24th & 25th (3pm – 7pm) June 29th-July 16th (3pm – 7pm, exc. Fridays 3.30pm-7.30pm)
Galerie Test du Bailler, Vienne, 4bis rue Teste du Bailler.

Jazz lovers’ ABC

By Pascal Kober

An extension of the Pascal Kober photography exhibition (photographer and journalist for Jazz Hot) on display at the Musée de l’Ancien Évêché in Grenoble from June 15th to September 28th 2017. Explore shots of Vienne itself, a go-to source of inspiration for the photographer.
June 29th – July 13th - Monday – Friday: 8am / 12.30pm • 1.30pm / 5.30pm Saturday: 8am - 12.30pm - Crédit Mutuel de Vienne2 Cours Romestang

Traits de Jazz

Jazz à Vienne and Bulles de Vienne bookshop are launching the first jazz meets comic event of its kind.
For the first event, Jazz à Vienne is delighted to welcome Christophe Chabouté and Julie Rocheleau as patrons alongside countless authors all with a strong bond with music. Whether in colour or monochrome, thin lines or thick lines, drawings and text reflect the musical diversity of jazz which makes it what it is. Speech bubbles give us a slice of the artists’ lives who are all bound by their passion for jazz.
The exhibition displays Christophe Chabouté and Julie Rocheleau’s drawing boards that have been specially created for the event. A limited edition print collection (99 available) will also be launched at the event.

A code of conduct will be agreed with the authors for the book signing and displayed at the entrance to our Traits de Jazz event.


Christophe Chabouté is a former Mulhouse Fine Art student who made a name for himself in the world of comics in 1998 with the critically-acclaimed Sorcières and Quelques jours d’été which won awards at Illzach and Angoulême. He’s a fan of black and white drawings, a technique that he says requires a lot of skill, and published Zoé in 1999 followed by the equally successful Pleine lune. The author is drawn to the dark side and explores social drama in Purgatoire, crime in Henri Désiré Landru and solitude in Construire un feu, adapted from Jack London and Tout seul as well as Un peu de bois et d’Acier, published in 2012. He has co-written publications about literary figures such as Rimbaud dans Les Récits and songs with Léo Ferré en BD. Christophe Chabouté has unleashed his talent on multiple genres and make his mark among French comic strip stars.


Julie Rocheleau made her first foray in comics in 2009 with La Fille invisible (Glénat Québec) based on a script by Émilie Villeneuve. Both authors were award the Bédéis Causa for best professional debut album at the Festival de la BD Francophone de Québec. Julie won the best colourist Joe Shuster Award that year; she was also shortlisted for the prize in the best illustrator category. The comic strip journey continued at Dargaud with the scriptwriter Olivier Bocquet and La colère de Fantômas series. The 1st tome was published in 2013 and awarded in the comic strip category at the Reims Interpol’Art Festival.
In partnership with the Rimouski Festi Jazz

June 29th – July 13th Preview attended by authors: July 6th, 6pm. Musical book signing: July 7th & 8th, 2pm-6pm - Exhibition at Vienne Function Hall: Place de Miremont

Cumenical Celebration

With Sweet Witness (Gospel)

Sweet Witness is a professional gospel group based in the Lyon area. The group started out as a church choir called Sweet Preachers before going professional and renaming themselves Sweet Witness in 2009 with the support of musician and choir leader Pascal Horecka. Sweet Witness stand out on the French gospel scene as they whisk you away to New York’s pews.
Sunday July 2nd at 10.30am - Saint-Maurice Cathedral in Vienne 2 place Saint-Paul - Event hosted by Jazz à Vienne with the support of Vienne Council and the Sanctus Parish, Cathédrale Vivante association and Dauphiné Rhodanien ecumenical association.

Lutherie Fair

The Lutherie Fair began in 2015 and is back again at Jazz à Vienne. Over 10 professionals, musicians and stringed instrument lovers (amongst other instruments of course) are expected this year. See passionate artists at work as you explore a world of wood, colour, varnish, mother-of-pearl and different shapes.
June 30th and July 1st: 10am – 7pm - Vienne Function Hall, Place de Miremont

Record Fair

Vienne’s Record Fair brings all sorts of music past and present (from the 50s to today), fans and professionals together. Major groups and artists collected by a wide range of people stand alongside lesser-known and more obscure artists in a variety of styles such as jazz, blues, groove, soul and funk. This is a place to meet people and trade so come and flick through the vinyls, CDs, DVDs, cassettes and video tapes in the fair for music lovers.
July 2nd: 10am – 7pm - Vienne Function Hall, Place de Miremont

Live Jazz Paintings

14th edition

The SOLOSARY art collective is hosting the Improvisations Picturales de Jazz on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at the foot of the Cybèle venue during the 4pm set. That means 9 afternoons of 2 different painters asked to make like jazz and improvise a canvas live based on the music being performed at the Cybèle.



      Jazz for Kids

      En collaboration avec la Ludothèque, la MJC de Vienne et les Bibliothèques de Vienne.

      Pour la première fois, Jazz à Vienne ouvre un espace dédié aux enfants aux Jardins de Cybèle.

      Lieu d'échanges, de rencontres et de découvertes, Jazz for kids propose une immersion dans l’univers de Jazz à Vienne : initiation au jazz, lectures, confection d'instruments de musique, atelier maquillage et ateliers créatifs (sculpture, modelage, modules en bois...). Une collection de livres et de jeux sera également à disposition des enfants.

      Infos pratiques: 

      > Mercredi 5 et mardi 11 juillet de 12h-16h : Bibliothèque en plein air par les Bibliothèques de Vienne 

      > Lundi 3, mardi 4, mercredi 5, lundi 10 et mardi 11 juillet de 16h30-19h : Jeux, maquillage... par la Ludothèque de Vienne 

      Jardins de Cybèle, entrée libre.

      Les enfants restent sous la responsabilité de leurs parents.

      Traits de Jazz

      Jazz à Vienne, la librairie Bulles de Vienne et JML Arts lancent la première édition de cet événement qui associe Jazz et bande-dessinée.
      Pour cette première édition, Jazz à Vienne est très heureux d’accueillir, comme parrain et marraine, Christophe Chabouté et Julie Rocheleau. Ils seront entourés de nombreux auteurs, ayant tous un lien fort avec la musique. Tantôt en couleurs, tantôt en noir et blanc, le trait est fin ou épais, les dessins et les textes sont le reflet de la diversité musicale du jazz qui fait la richesse de cet art. Au fil des bulles, nous découvrons les tranches de vie de ces artistes tous liés par leur passion pour le jazz.
      L’exposition présente des planches de dessins de Christophe Chabouté et Julie Rocheleau qu’ils ont spécialement créées pour cet événement. Une collection de sérigraphie à tirage limité (99 exemplaires) sera lancée pour l’occasion.



      Ancien étudiant à l’école des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse, Christophe Chabouté se fait un nom dans l’univers de la bande dessinée en 1998 avec Sorcières et Quelques jours d’été qui sont salués par la critique, primés à Illzach et à Angoulême. Adepte du dessin en noir et blanc, une technique qui requiert beaucoup d’exigence selon lui, il publie Zoé en 1999 puis Pleine lune qui reçoivent le même succès. Attiré par un univers plus sombre, l’auteur explore aussi bien le drame social avec Purgatoire, la criminalité avec Henri Désiré Landru ou la solitude avec Construire un feu, adapté de Jack London et Tout seul ainsi que Un peu de bois et d’Acier, paru en 2012. Co-créateur d’ouvrages sur des figures de la littérature, comme Rimbaud dans Les Récits, ou de la chanson avec Léo Ferré en BD, Christophe Chabouté déploie son talent dans de multiples registres et impose son style parmi les grands noms de la bande dessinée française.


      En 2009, Julie Rocheleau fait ses premiers pas dans la BD avec La Fille invisible (Glénat Québec), sur un scénario d’Émilie Villeneuve. Les deux auteures reçoivent le Bédéis Causa du meilleur premier album professionnel lors du Festival de la BD francophone de Québec. La même année, Julie reçoit le Joe Shuster Award du meilleur coloriste ; elle est également sélectionnée pour ce prix dans la catégorie meilleur dessinateur. L’aventure BD se poursuit chez Dargaud avec le scénariste Olivier Bocquet et la série La colère de Fantômas. Paru en 2013, le tome 1 est récompensé dans la catégorie bande dessinée du festival Interpol’Art de Reims.
      En partenariat avec le Festi Jazz de Rimouski



      Julie Ricossé naît en France en 1981. Elle n'a pas le temps de dire "ouin" ! que ses parents l'embarquent à bord d'un bateau poussé par le vent. Quelques années plus tard elle est très occupée à nager avec les petits poissons lorsqu'un mérou tacheté lui explique qu'il faudrait faire quelque chose de sa vie. Elle tente de faire la planche aux Beaux-Arts, boit la tasse en publicité, et finit par surnager à l'école Émile Cohl à l'aide d'une bouée en forme de crayon. Aujourd'hui elle dessine des histoires, mais bon, ça se voit, au fond elle se prend toujours pour un poisson-zèbre.


      Il entame des études dans le domaine artistique en passant un diplôme de dessinateur maquettiste. Il crée dans le même temps, avec des amis, un fanzine « Terraforming » et poursuit son objectif de faire de la Bande dessinée jusqu'à ce que ses études universitaires lui fassent prendre, provisoirement, une autre route. Il obtient une Maîtrise en Arts Plastiques et sciences de l'art. La bande dessinée a fait place pendant cette période à la peinture abstraite, au minimalisme et aux grandes installations de Land Art. Entre temps, Aurélien Morinière se sera essayé au cinéma d'animation dans un petit studio Parisien, mais il ne poursuivra pas l'expérience plus avant. C’est au sortir de l'université, alors qu'il avait abandonné l'idée de la BD, qu'il rencontre le scénariste Tarek. Ils signent ensemble un premier projet Demon Yäk aux éditions Pointe Noire, dont le premier tome « Schizophrénie sanglante » sort en janvier 2002. Pointe Noire disparaît tandis que Aurélien Morinière signe, toujours avec Tarek, un projet pour la jeunesse chez Soleil : "Les aventures d'Irial", dont les premières tribulations Monsieur Lune paraissent en Juin 2003. Le deuxième Tome de Demon Yäk, repris par Soleil, sort en décembre 2003.


      Né en 1980, Loïc intègre l’école Émile Cohl dont il en sort diplômé en 2002. Dessinateur de talent, il compte plusieurs albums remarqués à son actif : Bang ! et Katinka, co-scénarisés avec Jean- Christophe Deveney, Le Joueur et Au Cœur des Ténèbres, en collaboration avec Stéphane Miquel. En 2014, il réalise L’Oiseau chante comme le lui permet son bec, son deuxième album réalisé en solo après L'Anatomiste. Il a également participé à différents collectifs comme Paroles de Verdun.

      Jeudi 6 juillet : 18h - Vernissage de l’exposition «trait de Jazz» présentée du 29 juin au 13 juillet en présence des auteurs-illustrateurs Julie Rocheleau & Christophe Chabouté. Présentation et signature des sérigraphies (nombre limité, sérigraphies numé- rotées et signées)

      Vendredi 7 juillet :
      14h-18h - Dédicaces des auteurs illustrateurs : Christophe Chabouté, Julie Rocheleau, Julie Ricossé, Aurélien Morinière, Loïc Godart (uniquement dans les ouvrages achetés sur place).
      16h - Ciné-concert au Musée Gallo-Romain de Saint-Romain- en-Gal - Vienne (Musaïques) avec le groupe TRI4TH- Silent Anime Meets Jazz : concert de jazz sur des films d’animations Japonnais
      En partenariat avec le Tokyo Jazz Festival
      17h-18h - Master Class «Dessine-moi un concert» avec le groupe Cincinati Slim Duo (Blues & Rythm’n’blues)

      Samedi 8 juillet :
      14h-18h - Dédicaces des auteurs illustrateurs : Christophe Chabouté, Julie Rocheleau, Julie Ricossé, Aurélien Morinière, Loïc Godart (uniquement dans les ouvrages achetés sur place)
      17h-18h - Master Class «Dessine-moi un concert» avec le groupe Blowin’in The Blues (Blues & Folk)

      Exposition conçue par JML Arts 

      Résonances métropolitaines

      Dans le cadre du Pôle Métropolitain, des manifestations en résonance aux Biennales du Design, d’Art Contemporain, de la Danse, du Cirque, à Jazz à Vienne et au Festival des Nouvelles Voix en Beaujolais sont organisées sur les territoires.

      Le Périscope

      Du 4 au 7 juillet - Lyon
      • 4 jours
      • 6 concerts de la jeune scène française du Jazz
      • 5 chercheurs et journalistes qui apporteront leur éclairage sur le Jazz contemporain

      Pour Résonance, le Périscope donne carte blanche à des artistes français dont le travail actuel représente une face originale et singulière du jazz.

      Concerts gratuits chaque soir.

      Soirée Charlier/Sourisse

      Vendredi 7 juillet - Saint-Étienne

      18 h 30 :
      Concert des Conservatoires du Pôle Métropolitain
      20h30 :
      Charlier Sourisse 5tet Charlier/Sourisse présentent
      MULTIQUARIUM 5tet. Les chemins empruntés par André et Benoît, au cours de leurs nombreux périples, les ramènent aujourd’hui la tête remplie de mélodies insolites, nourries aux « grooves » sauvages de leurs rythmiques de feu, « piano, contrebasse, batterie ».

      Line-up : Stéphane Guillaume (saxs, flûte, clarinette), Benoit Sourisse (piano), Claude Egea (trompette), Pierre Perchaud (guitare), André Charlier (batterie)

      Le Jazz est dans la place

      Samedi 8 juillet- Isle-d’Abeau

      André Charlier et Benoit Sourisse sont depuis deux ans en résidence artistique. Un atelier « Rythm  & Blues » du conservatoire Hector Berlioz sera proposé en première partie sur des standards d’Otis Redding, Nino Ferrer et des Blues Brothers. En deuxième partie, les Combos mêlant les élèves des
      conservatoires de Vienne, Saint-Étienne et CAPI.

      Available soon!

      Extra! Nuits Sonores : Jazz à Vienne & le festival Woodstower présentent « SOUL TRAIN »


      Samedi 27 mai 2017 - 14h à 20h - place Gailleton (69002 Lyon)

      Ambiancé par Don Cornelius, sortez vos meilleurs pas de danse boogaloo, voguing, smurf sur de bons vieux hits funk, disco et soul. Au signal de la Soul Train Line, formez un duo et improvisez les mouvements les plus fous sur la piste. Vous entendez les acclamations du public ? C'est sans doute votre look flashy qui éblouie la foule sous la boule à facettes.

      Soul Train est une émission américaine emblématique. Créée en 1970 par Don Cornelius, on considère souvent qu'il s'agit de la première émission à proposer des live soul et R’n’B de musiciens et de danseurs Afro-américains. En plus de 30 ans de diffusion, ce sont des références qui s'y sont produites : Marvin Gaye, Ike & Tina Turner, The Temptations, les Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder, les Supremes, James Brown, Sugarhill Gang, Run-D.MC ou Eric B. and Rakim ! Et quand on replonge dans les archives vidéos de cette émission, on découvre de véritables perles musicales, esthétiques et groovy. Mais surtout, on découvre un art de la danse, et l'on comprend que sur ce plateau sont nés des moves qui se pratiquent encore aujourd'hui : le wacking, le locking, le boogaloo ou encore le voguing ! Pour se souvenir et fêter cette musique, Jazz à Vienne et le festival Woodstower proposent de plonger les festivaliers des Nuits Sonores dans l’esprit des célèbres émissions de Soul Train avec au programme, le DJ James Stewart et le groupe Charlie’s Secret, le tout ambiancé et animé par le professeur Alpha.

      Mc (animateur) : Professeur Alpha

      Alpha Diallo n’est sûrement pas un inconnu pour les auditeurs de RTU. Le chroniqueur / animateur de « La Grosse Audition » est en effet la caution hip hop, jazz & groove de la radio !

      DJ : James Stewart

      James Stewart est DJ et animateur radio spécialisé dans les musiques afro-américaines (soul, funk, jazz...) et le rare groove en général. Résident au Sucre (pour la soirée Black Atlantic Club), à La Marquise et au Sirius à Lyon, il est membre actif du collectif Palmwine Records, fondateur du blog Afrosouldescarga et anime plusieurs émissions de radio consacrées à ces musiques de "l'Atlantique Noir" sur Radio Grenouille (Marseille) et RTU (Lyon).

      Live-band : Charlie’s Secret

      En live, Charlie mène la danse. Personnage excentrique au chapeau haut de forme, qui passe du piano au devant de la scène en un éclair, plongeant le public dans l’univers dense et chaleureux d’une soul survoltée, tantôt rageuse, tantôt mélancolique. C'est en formule quartet que les musiciens du groupe Charlie and the Soap Opera accompagneront cet Extra! aux rythmes de leurs compositions et de grands standards de musique soul/funk.