Line-up 2019

Affiche de l'édition de 2019

À propos de l’édition

Loustal signs the 2019 festival poster and takes us on a trip outside of time, with his unique imagery of warm colours, exotic feel and dreamlike visions. “When you go to a concert in Jazz à Vienne you watch the sun set from start to finish. […] That twilight moment is the signature touch of the festival. Twilight is when everything starts, when great nights start.” - Jacques de Loustal

The 39th edition of Jazz à Vienne is in tune with the contemporary trend in jazz: integrating mixed influences while remaining a militant music. The year 2019 was marked by the songs and voices of struggle and illustrated the deep connection between music and protest movements. Music has always given rhythm to collective struggles, be they social, racial, economic or environmental. And conversely, protests have long shaped musical creations. This 39th edition pushed Caribbean music to the fore, with its riches of protest songs and voices, including a creation on work songs commissioned by Jazz à Vienne, performed by Camille et Sandra Nkaké and conducted by Raphaël Lemonnier.