Àbáse 5tet - Carte blanche à LGTDZ


Àbáse - Carte blanche à LGTDZ

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Àbáse is a word from Yoruba that means 'collaboration' — the very principle behind Àbáse's music. Àbáse is also the pseudonym of Hungarian DJ, producer and pianist Szabolcs Bognár and the name of one of his projects. To follow Àbáse's musical trials and tribulations, you’ll need to be an attentive listener and have a map of the world to hand, because he draws inspiration from jazz, the electro vibrations of Budapest by night, but also from traditional West African and Brazilian music, which both share common roots. Through this intense musical landscape, Àbáse roves like an electron powering through a nuclear reactor, setting off stylistic fireworks that lend his soundscape its shimmering colours, bewitching rhythms and such a groovy texture. There are no limits, there are no borders. Àbáse's work is a joy- and treasure-infused musical universe.