Jeanne Michard Latin Quintet


Jeanne Michard Latin Quintet

© Angeline Moizart

Since she released her debut album, Songes Transatlantiques ('Transatlantic Musings'), the popularity and success of saxophonist and composer Jeanne Michard — whose style harks back to legends of American jazz like Sonny Rollins and Gigi Gryce — have never ceased to grow. Yet, what might seem like a rapid ascent is actually the fruit of long hours of determined work and the nerve to travel to the other side of the world — from Paris to New York, via Cuba and South America, where she has lived. Along the way, she has developed a style that draws just as much from bebop as it does from Latin music, and it's delivered by an unusual, enchanting orchestra. The adventure continues on stage: let Jeanne Michard and her Latin Quintet be your guides on a crossing from one side of the Atlantic to the other!

Line-up :

  • Jeanne Michard (vocals, tenor saxophone)
  • Clément Simon (vocals, piano)
  • Maurizio Congiu (vocals, double bass)
  • Pedro Barrios (vocals, percussions)
  • Natascha Rogers (vocals, percussions)