Nirek Mokar & his Boogie Messengers


Nirek Mokar & his Boogie Messengers

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Boogie woogie might well be over a hundred years old, but it continues to garner fans, both among musicians and those who follow them. Aged 21, Nirek Mokar already has an exceptional track record, but he clearly stands out from the crowd. The former child prodigy soon fell in love with this bouncy, festive style with which several generations of his colleagues got their audiences dancing. Today, this young man stands as a beacon of stylistic innovation while he fervently carries forward the torch alongside a diverse and multigenerational ensemble of French virtuosos. The pianist and his Boogie Messengers prove it on stage: their music is just as effective and impactful as ever.

Line-up :

  • Nirek Mokar (vocals, piano)
  • Claude Braud (tenor saxophone)
  • Stan Noubard Pacha (guitar)
  • Xavier Nicki (double bass)
  • Guillaume Nouaux (drums)