Oumou Sangaré
Les Égarés
Nirina Rakotomavo Sextet


Oumou Sangaré

© Holly Whittake

In the eyes of many, Oumou Sangaré is an icon of Malian music. The release of her debut album, Moussolou, in 1988, forever changed the artistic history of Africa. And while she could very well have laid on her laurels in the wake of this unexpected success or have faded into obscurity, the aura of the singing Wassoulou Bird has only grown, as she has remained a leading artist while campaigning for women's rights and against hunger across the world. Oumou Sangaré has been able to develop her style over the years without losing sight of her roots, to the point that her sway is now acknowledged by the biggest pop stars across the US and France. She is a source of both human and musical inspiration the likes of which are few and far between.

Les Égarés

Sissoko / Ségal / Parisien / Peirani
© Claude Gassian

Les Égarés ('Those who are lost') is a quartet born from the fusion of two unshakeable duos and a group that may catch you by surprise at first. How could two teams that had bonded so powerfully over the years and with such strong affinities become an ensemble whose members work so seamlessly well together? How could four such strong musical personalitites settle on one indescribable balance? Well, the unthinkable happened: cellist Vincent Segal, never short of inspiration, invited the miraculous Parisian/Peirani duo to join the one he had formed with musical magician Ballaké Sissoko. And the music flowed like honey — to the surprise even of the musicians themselves who were doubtless somewhat disconcerted by such synergy. Thus, Les Égarés were born. Now that they have found us, let them lead you by the tip of your ears into a universe that is their own, a land full of beauty.

Line-up :

  • Vincent Ségal (cello)
  • Émile Parisien (saxophone soprano)
  • Ballaké Sissoko (kora)
  • Vincent Peirani (accordion)

Nirina Rakotomavo Sextet

Génération SPEDIDAM
© DR

It has already been a few years since this young singer and pianist caught the world's attention, first by appearing alongside some of the biggest names in Chanson française — Jenifer and Benjamin Siksou, for example — but also for her talent as leader and composer at the head of the Selkies trio, comprising singers Cynthia Abraham and Céline Boudier. She then launched a new, eponymous project in 2022 in which every single one of the compositions is her own. The result is a modern and luminous fusion of jazz, chanson and music from her native Réunion — such as sega and maloya — which showcases Nirina Rakotomavo's fluid, intense piano playing and extraordinarily fine vocal harmonies. Watch out, talent coming up!

Line-up :

  • Nirina Rakotomavo (vocals, piano)
  • Margaux Chicoisne (backing vocals)
  • Ayelya (backing vocals)
  • Mathias Di Giusto (guitar)
  • Elvin Bironien (bass)
  • Élie Martin-Charrière (drums)