Veronica Swift


Veronica Swift

©  Matt Baker

In her thirty years on Earth, Veronica Swift has already built a career spanning two decades! Following in her parents’ footsteps, the daughter of two musicians, Veronica Swift is a seasoned artist who can navigate any musical style with baffling dexterity. Last autumn, the singer released a masterful album on the Mack Avenue label. Its title? Her name, quite simply. And quite right too: for the first time, the album shows off the multiple facets of her personality as a vocalist who is just as at ease performing one of Gounoud's operas, a Broadway classic or a Nine Inch Nails song. She describes her music as 'transgenre' and it shatters boundaries with a staggering energy that she fully deploys on stage. It's truly phenomenal!

Line-up :

  • Veronica Swift (chant)