The Jazz à Vienne festival

Since it was created in 1981 under Jean-Paul Boutellier’s leadership, the Jazz à Vienne Festival has been an annual celebration of jazz during the first half of July.

Every year, over 200,000 festivalgoers flock to performances by a thousand musicians on four different stages.

The Théâtre Antique, which was built in the 1st century CE, is Jazz à Vienne’s epicentre. Its unique acoustics and history make it an exceptional venue for both audiences and the internationally renowned musicians who perform there. The festival is a true blend of old and new, an authentic musical fusion. Rich in its diversity, it aims to be a pluralist space that is open to all.

days of music
concerts, of which 3/4 are free of charge

3/4 of the programme is free.

Jazz à Vienne means jazz from noon until late into the night.

Three quarters of the 190 concerts on offer are free of charge and will namely take place at the Jardins de Cybèle, as after-events at Le Club and as part of the many Jazz à Vienne events, including: the young audience’s concert for 8,000 of the area’s (‘Pôle métropolitain’) children, the national ReZZo launchpad (‘tremplin national ReZZo’), the Academy (‘l’Académie’), Jazz at the Museum (‘Jazz Ô Musée’), Caravan’Jazz, the musical readings, the film projections and events peppered throughout Vienne at cafés and restaurants.

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Scène de Cybèle