This FAQ provides answers to the questions we receive most frequently

Are places numbered in the Théâtre Antique?

No, there is always a free choice of seating/standing places. Seating is not guaranteed.

What time does the Théâtre Antique open?

The Théâtre Antique’s doors open every evening 2 hours before the begining of the concert.

Will a concert be cancelled if it rains?

Concerts will not be cancelled because of weather conditions. Gear up!

Are picnics allowed at Jazz à Vienne?

Picnics and reusable water bottles are allowed at the festival. Sorting bins will be made available at all the venues for the disposal of waste. Free water fountains will be made available at the Théâtre Antique and Jardin de Cybèle. Please note that cups other than those provided at the festival will not be accepted.

See the list of items prohibited at Jazz à Vienne

Can I use my smartphone to show my ticket?

Yes, our ticket checking system can read tickets on smartphones. If you have a damaged screen, please consider printing your ticket instead.

Will you be selling tickets for same-day performances?

As long as a concert has not sold-out, tickets will be on sale at jazzavienne.com and on-site at the counter on Rue des Célestes, until 10 pm.

I ordered my tickets online on your website. I was sent a receipt by email but not the tickets. What should I do?

Please make sure your tickets are not in amongst your junk mail (in your spam folder). Otherwise, please reach out to us at billetterie@jazzavienne.com to refine the search.

I made an order online on your website. I have printed my tickets. How do I get an invoice?

Send your request to billetterie@jazzavienne.com and please provide the following details: your first and last names, as well as the date and contents of your order. An invoice will be sent to you by email. Please note that invoices can only be made out in the name of the purchaser. 

I bought a ticket but will not be able to make it to the concert. May I exercise my right of withdrawal and be refunded?

The right of withdrawal applicable to mail order sales does not apply to dated products (Article L 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code)

Despite the fact that tickets are nominative, may I give one away?

The tickets are indeed nominative but the identity of their bearer is only checked in cases of suspected fraud (resale). Therefore, tickets may be gifted to friends or family.

Your website is no longer selling tickets for a concert I am interested in. Can I buy tickets from another website?

At your own risk! If there are still tickets for sale on other websites, this means that they are unofficial resale platforms (e.g., Viagogo, Ticketbis, Ebay, Le Bon Coin). There is no guarantee these tickets will be valid. In addition, you will have no recourse if you are denied access to the theatre by the ticket system.

What happens if a concert is cancelled?

Ticket purchasers will be offered a deferral, refund or credit. In all cases, if ticket-holders do not hear from their point of sale, they must contact them exclusively.

I am 25 years old; do I have to buy a full-priced (regular) ticket?

If you are not yet 26 years old on the day of the concert, you can still take advantage of the reduced ticket price of €30 for 15–25-year-olds.

My son/daughter is still 14 years old but they will be 15 in mid-June; can they take advantage of the discounted rate for 4–14 year-olds?

No, what counts is the ticket-holder’s age on the day of the concert. As such, they would require a ticket for 15–25 year-olds, which costs €30.

We would like to attend a concert with a child under 4 years of age. What type of ticket should we get?

La présence des enfants de moins de 4 ans sur les concerts au Théâtre Antique est fortement déconseillée (sauf programme dédié). Si toutefois, vous souhaitez l’emmener, il conviendra de contacter billetterie@jazzavienne.com qui vous enverra, éventuellement, une décharge à remplir. Cette dernière dégagera l’organisateur de toute responsabilité en cas de conséquences physiques ou handicap découlant du concert.

My son/daughter used their Pass Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and/or their Pass Culture (French national scheme) to buy a ticket, but they will not be able to make it to the concert. Can I use it?

Please note that if it is a €30 festival ticket, then only someone who is 15–25 years old may use it. Any holders of discounted tickets must be able to prove that they meet the discount criteria.

I am interested in the Pack Trio (3-Night Pass). Which evenings can I choose?

You are free to choose any evening as long as there are still tickets available. However, no changes will be permitted once you have made your order.

I would like to buy a Pack Trio (3-Night Pass); can I pay in Chèques vacances?

No, the Pack Trio (3-Night Pass) can only be purchased using a debit/credit card via our website. Chèques vacances can nonetheless be used for the purchase of individual tickets or Passes.

What about my 20-year-old son/daughter? Is there a Pack Trio (3-Night Pass) for 15–25-year-olds?

No, the Pack Trio (3-Night Pass) can only be purchased for €105 (i.e., 3 x €35). As such, individual, discounted tickets for 15–25-year-olds would be better suited in this case.

I have purchased a Pass (7-Night Pass or All-In Pass), but have not been asked which concerts I would like to attend; is this normal?

Yes, that is how the Jazz à Vienne Passes work! You can attend whenever you would like without letting us know beforehand (7 times with the Pass 7 soirées (7-Night Pass) and every evening with the Pass Intégral (All-In Pass)). Passes can only be used by one person at a time, but they are non-nominative. Therefore, to get the most out of them, you can share them.

I have bought a Pass. What happens if a concert is fully booked?

There is nothing to worry about. Pass-holders are guaranteed a place at any concert of their choice, even when these are advertised as ‘fully booked’ (unless specifically stated at the time of purchase).

I can still use my Pass 7 soirées (7-Night Pass) 4 times, but there are only 2 upcoming concerts at the Théâtre Antique. Can I bring someone with me on 2 evenings to use up the Pass?

No, unfortunately this is not permitted. It is unfortunate about these outstanding places but Passes can only be used by one person per evening.

I have a Pass 7 soirées (7-Night Pass), but this evening, two of us are attending a concert. May I purchase an ‘extra discounted’ ticket for my friend?

No, only Pass-holders who have used up all 7 of their places may benefit from this discounted price and only on one ticket per evening. Your friend

J'ai oublié/perdu un objet personnel pendant le festival, comment puis-je le retrouver ?

Nous vous invitons à formuler votre demande par mail à l'adresse suivante : contact@jazzavienne.com, afin que nos équipes vérifient les objets trouvés.